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Employment Law

Our attorneys fight for employees’ rights. We provide advice and counsel on a wide range of employment issues such as wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, wage & hours claim, severance negotiation, etc

Worker's Compensation

We are dedicated to helping injured workers obtain medical treatment and the compensation they deserve.
Let us fight the insurance companies for you.

Accidents & Injuries

If you have been injured, it is important to immediately get a lawyer to protect the integrity of your claim. We will ensure you receive the medical help and the compensation you deserve.


We Specialize in Employment and Injury Cases

At Mekong Law, we represent people who have been mistreated in the workplace or injured. We do not represent employers or corporate interests. Instead, we aggressively fight for the rights of those without a voice.

When you chose Mekong Law, you chose a team committed to placing you first and obtaining the maximum monetary recovery. There is no legal fees unless we win or settle your case.

Employment Law

Legal issues in the workplace

Workers’ Compensation

Injuries at work

Personal Injuries

Injuries outside the scope of work

About Us

Dedicated Approach

When we founded Mekong Law, we committed to representing individuals in employment claims and accident cases. We are not general law practitioners, but rather focus on representing mistreated employees and those who have been injured. We have successfully handled thousands of employment and workers’ compensation cases.

If we don’t win, you don’t pay! There is absolutely no up front out-of pocket cost to you.

Mekong Law provides legal service to the Vietnamese community in California. We are committed to protecting Vietnamese workers’ interest.

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Successful Cases

Our Expertise

Cater to the need of Vietnamese people in California

Worker’s Compensation

Have you been injured at work? Experiencing pain due to repetitive work or exposure to toxic conditions? You may have a worker’s compensation claim.

Employment Law

Your job is your life. All employees deserve a working environment where their legal rights are respected and protected. We can help with all legal issues that happen at your workplace.

Personal Injury

If you have been injured, it’s important to take immediate steps to get medical care and recoveries. We can help with vehicle accidents, wrongful deaths, slip and falls and more.


If We Don’t Win, You Don’t Pay

Our firm fights aggressively for our clients to obtain maximum monetary recoveries. There is no legal fee unless we win or settle your case. When you choose us to represent your interest, you can be sure that your case is in good hands.

We have offices in Los Angeles and Orange County. Many of our staff speak Vietnamese and were born and raised in Vietnam. We deeply understand the Vietnamese culture and appreciate your specific concerns.

How It Works

Pay Us Nothing Until We Win

Step 1: Free Consultation

The first meeting helps our attorneys pinpoint the main issues of your case and get to know you as a potential client. This meeting can occur either in person, over the phone, or via Zoom.

Step 2: Sign the Attorney-Client Agreement
You sign the Attorney-Client Agreement to establish our client-attorney relationship. You can sign in person, via email, or via physical mail.
Step 3: Gathering Facts and Evidence
We will work together with you to gather facts and evidence to build your case. This process can take place over the phone or via email.
Step 4: Litigation or Negotiation

From this point forward, we will handle all aspects of your case on your behalf and front all litigation costs. We will give you regular updates and inform you of any settlement offers. You can contact us anytime you have a question.

If no law suit is filed, we will negotiate with opposing counsel on your behalf.

Step 5: Compensation

Only when we obtain compensation for you either through a settlement negotiation or a winning verdict at trial can we recover our fees and costs.

If we don’t win, you don’t have to pay anything. You have nothing to lose!


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Wrongful Termination & Unpaid Wages


Discrimination & Retaliation


Disability Discrimination & Wrongful Termination


Disability Discrimination & Wrongful Termination


Age Discrimination & Wrongful Termination


Severance Negotiation


Sexual Harassment


Unpaid Wages




Wrongful Termination

Meet Our Team

Professional And Honest

We pride ourselves on always being available for our clients. We set a high standard for ourselves and our work products. We do not make false promises and we deliver real results.

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